You have the dreams, now create the discipline to reach them.

Born Dreamers

When we were young the world seemed limitless. We believed we could achieve our dreams and that our future life would be full and rich. But somewhere along the way our belief in our ability to achieve our dreams weakened, our courage faltered, and our imagination faded until eventually, we settled for a life that is a mere shadow, a fragment of the rich and full life we once dreamed of living.

It doesn’t happen all at once. Here and there we get little messages and hints from people around us—sometimes from the people we trust the most. These people want to protect us from failure, so they tell us not to set such big goals, to be practical, to avoid risk. They teach us that thinking small is the responsible thing to do.

It probably happened differently for each of us. Maybe it started in school when we studied hard and didn’t get the grades and praise we had expected. Maybe it was during a game in our favorite sport when we missed the chance to help our team win. Maybe we created something in an art or science class that others shrugged off or even laughed at.

These little messages add up, their weight builds until we just can’t carry our hopes and dreams anymore. So we let them go. We decide that being average isn’t so bad. We forget that we were born to accomplish our dreams.If you’re unsure of what I’m saying, ask a child about his or her dreams. Children’s ability to dream is so very impressive and makes it clear that dreaming is an inherent trait of every human being.

A Simple Practice for Change

Most people are never taught how to keep their dreams alive. But there is a method, a precise formula, for turning dreams into reality. It is simple. In fact, it’s so simple that many people overlook it, searching instead for something more complicated. But remember that simple solutions usually work best. Most of life is won or lost based upon how well we are able to apply simple habits and do simple things every day. So it is with our ability to accomplish our dreams. I have seen this formula work many times in my life and in the lives of others. If you follow it, you can turn your dreams into reality.

Step one: Vividly write down your dream. Pull out a blank piece of paper. Next, write down a dream you have, something intensely important to you. Write it down exactly as you want it to be. Describe where you are, who you are with, and when this is taking place. A dream that is not written down and reviewed often is not a dream at all—it is a passing thought that will never come to fruition because you haven’t put in the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical effort that your dream requires.

Step two: Make it emotional. This next part is the most important part and often the most overlooked. Write down how you will feel when you accomplish your goal. Use emotional language to describe what you will hear, see, and smell when your dream becomes a reality. If you do this correctly, the experience will come to life in your mind—almost like a film clip from the world you want to create. The more authentic emotions you include in the statement, the more real it becomes. The more senses that you employ in the statement, the more emotional you make it, and the more distinct it becomes. Write it down in a way that you can see, feel, smell, hear, and taste the realization of your dream. Remember to have your statement be sensory rich and emotion laden.

Step three: Review, re-write, and read. Review this statement at least twice a day. Occasionally take the time to re-write it, to make it more rich in detail, more clear, concise, and powerful. Then, instill the habit of reading the statement in a living way, at least two times each day for thirty days. After thirty days, you will find yourself beginning to change. You will find yourself being attracted to the right people. You will find yourself dropping off bad habits. You will find yourself more capable of concentration and focus for the tasks ahead of you. You will find more energy and creativity and courage. By frequently reviewing your sensory rich dream, you embed in your subconscious mind the vision of what you want most. With this vision in mind, you begin to make daily decisions to make your dream happen. Soon you will find that you are willing to make sacrifices to make it a reality—sacrificing the time you used to waste on less productive pursuits. As you feel yourself get to this stage, you will notice that your vision has become a part of you. Nothing can stop you from achieving it, because it’s who you are.

In Closing One of the greatest tragedies is that even people who understand this formula don’t discipline themselves enough to do it. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth the time, think about this: There’s little chance you will be willing to face the full set of obstacles between you and the accomplishment of your dream if you don’t have a strong sense of why you want to accomplish that particular dream. Care enough about your dream to develop a strong desire to achieve it.

Billions of people on the earth are living so far below their potential, but you don’t need to. Every time something goes wrong in your life, every time something bad happens to you, stop. Don’t let negative events derail your efforts to secure your dream. Take a moment to step aside and run the movie of your dream through your mind. This simple practice, persistently applied every day, will turn your dreams into reality. Everyone who has ever achieved something great has used this formula. Learn to keep your dream alive in your daily thoughts—let your dream guide your intuition, your hard work, and your actions.

So can you dream? Can you believe in yourself? Can you believe in your dreams? Can you find the child within you? Can you find that child that believed anything was possible? Capture the magic you had when you were a child. Choose to nourish change in your life and be an example for others to follow.



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