Redine your business in two steps.


We often hear people talk of discipline but usually in the context of physical discipline such as eating healthy or exercising regularly. While these are certainly good things to do, all physical disciplines are secondary to mental discipline. Mental discipline, more often than not, is the difference between people who win big and those who “lead lives of quiet desperation”.

Learning how to control your thoughts is at the heart of mental discipline. Almost all people struggle with staying focused on their positive aspirations and goals. Outside influences seem to be constantly pushing to make us think one way or the other. Some of these influences are positive, some are neutral, but many are negative–some terribly negative.

The process of learning and strengthening mental discipline is really quite simple. There are only three steps; if you stay with it day by day you will become very strong in your ability to focus on your goals and control your thoughts.

Step 1:

Train yourself to consider what you are thinking about. Don’t let your mind follow the course of least resistance without you at least being aware of the fact you are abdicating control of your thoughts.

Step 2:

Learn to question a thought. Ask yourself these kinds of questions, “where did this thought come from?”, “does this thought add to my belief in myself and my goals or does it detract from them?”

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