Don’t fall victim to the false idea that the universe is random–it is not and it never will be.

Isn’t it interesting that so many people in the world believe the silly myth that success should come to them just because they show up? They run from opportunity to opportunity like they are buying lottery tickets. They hope that a good idea alone will be enough to make them fortune and fame. If you are reading this, and you are one of those people, I hate to break it to you but success isn’t a matter of luck, it is matter of learning how to add value to other people. For that value given, you get value in return. That is the way the universe works. That is the way it has always worked, and the way it will always work.

These individuals who from opportunity to opportunity expecting measurable results forget that success is not always measured through financial numbers. How you measure success in the future will be vastly different than how you measure it today. Family, friends, and influence will all come into play. The value you have added to the lives of those around you will become apparent as time goes on and allow you to see how successful you have been. Those who have added value to others’ lives will realize that none of this was luck.

How do you add value to other people? Simple, you learn, grow, and become the kind of person that makes life better for other people. It takes work, and it takes discipline, but it feels so good because you can see the value you are giving to others and you know it will come back to you multiplied. Seeing the value is not always expressed through financial gain but it always benefits you in the end.

Don’t fall victim to the false idea that the universe is random–it is not and it never will be. Pay the price to become someone who knows how to add value to other people and then add it again and again and again! You will feel great and you will live a high quality life. It is in your power to do this but, as always it is your choice.

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