“It is easier to ACT your way into a new way of FEELING than it is to FEEL your way into a new way of ACTING.” -GD Morgan

How we feel at any given time can strongly influence how we behave. However, it is also true that how we act at any given time will strongly influence how we feel. This is why the “Act As If” principle is so important in our lives. Act as if you are happy and you will soon feel happy. Act as if you are _________ and you will soon feel _________. You can fill in the blanks and determine your destiny. If you choose to let your feelings determine your actions, you will let your feelings determine your destiny.

Too often we let our feelings control our actions instead of our actions control our feelings. I have seen it many times, someone sets a goal and when they fall short of the goal they tear themselves down. This doesn’t and shouldn’t be the case. We should always use our feelings to set big goals and work every day to achieve those goals. And those goals can’t be restricted by anything, not by past obstacles, not by the failures of others, and certainly not by perceived limitations you put on yourself, including negative feelings.

So when you set a goal, stick to it. If it’s difficult, look at yourself and see what habits are hindering you from achieving it. Don’t ever blame others for your failures, no matter what has happened. You are the key to your own happy and successful life—never give that away to anyone else; when you blame others you are giving the key to your happiness and success to whomever you are blaming. Don’t do that to yourself.

Create your positive feelings today. Now is the time to establish those ambitious goals and begin working towards them. Now is the time to build momentum in your business by hitting important milestones along the way. Fill in the blank: Act as if you are ________ and you will soon feel ________. Create your feelings, then capitalize on that momentum to reach your highest aspirations.


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